The Mandate of Kadugli Diocese:

EnthonementOn the farm

We are called to fulfill the great commission and Holistic ministry in south Kordofan States.

Vision of Kadugli Diocese:

Our vision is to see a matured , sustained, equipped and peaceful community in south Korduoan.

Mission statement:

Kadugli diocese strives to fulfill the Great Commission, promote socio-economic serves, build Peace and Empower the Community


  • Trusting in God
  • Application / implementation
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Readiness to learn

Overall Goals:

  • Fulfilling the Great commission.
  • Promote socio-economic services.
  • Building Peace.
  • Capacity building in the Community.

Some activities of the Diocese

1) Bishop Korkeil Theological Institute (BKTI)

Bishop Mubarak Korkeil Theological Institute (BKTI) was opened in the name of Bible School in 1980s in the Village of Ndulu during year of Civil War in Sudan. It has moved in many places for security, when the War was intensified, it closed down, and reopened in 2004 in Kajama, then was moved to its current location (Dabi) and was renamed Bishop Mubarak Korkeil Theological Institute (BKTI), in memory of the Late Bishop Mubarak Khamis Korkel who was the first Bishop of the Diocese of Western Sudan.

The Institute was opened to train church leaders pastor, evangelists and laymen and women in the diocese. for effective ministry in the churches and to evangelize many other tribes whom have not heard the Good News of the Bible. It offers Certificate in theology.

Photo: Graduates, teachers and bishop sitting on first Graduation after reopening the Institute May 2007

2) Hope Primary School:

The Education Sector in Nuba Mountains is the most affected by the recent Sudanese Civil War. Most of Schools were destroyed, and people scattered, desplaced and became refugees all over the world. we thank God for Peace agreement. People started coming back home and that added more challenges on the Education There are not enough Schools and many children have no schools to go to.

Hope Primary School was opened in year 2004 in Tomolo Kurchi Nuba Mountains. It is the only School for the Episcopal Diocese of Kadugli, the school population is 509 pupils girls and boys, 8 teachers 3 non teaching staff, school starts with pre-unite Class up to Class eight.

The vision of the diocese is to open five Primary Schools in the five archdeaconries of the Diocese (Kadugli, Delling, Amgurban, Ildu, Irral).

3) Agriculture

Bishop Mubarak Korkeil Theological Institute (BKTI) it was opened in the name of Bible School in 1980s in the Village of Ndulu during year

Nuba Mountains it one of the vast fertile lands, but was not utilized well because most of people still use Hand Farming, therefore the production is very limited.

Diocese of Kadugli started three years a go using machinery farming, Sorghum (Dura), Sesame, G. nuts are stable food crops of Nuba.

In the dry session we lack enough vegetables in the Market the diocese is producing Vegetables in that season as income to the diocese.

A tractor on the farmTilling the farm

4) Peace Building:

The diocese of Kadugli

Photo (to come): Peace Building Workshop in Dabi Organized by the British Embassy Khartoum and the Diocese of Kadugli

5) Interfaith Work:

Christians in the Diocese of Kadugli living in a multi faith community.