Kakuma Churches in Kenya

The Youth Worker at St Luke's Kekuma CampThere is a large refugee camp located at Kekuma in Keyna where many Nuba refugees have gathered to live and escape the violence of the Nuba Mountains. Together with others four churches have been established and Bishop Andudu went to Kekuma for pastoral work, on May 17th 2015. while he was there he confirmed 76 Candidates, 2 lay readers, 4 Mothers Union workers were Licensed, and 5 deacons were ordained (one deacon for the Diocese of Lui in South Sudan with permission of bishop of Lui). The four Churches in the refugee camp, warmly welcomed the deacons each church is served by one deacon.

Bishp Andudu also handed a Laptop computer to the youth leader at St. Lukes in Kakuma as a gift that had been promised by Rev. J. Scott Turner the Rector of St. Paul's in the US on his visit last year. The youth were extremely happy and appreciated the gift.