The First Standing Committee
for the Diocese of Kadugli After the War

A report from Bishop Andudu Elnail.

A Historic gatheringSince War erupted in the state of South Kordofan (the Nuba Mountains) in June 2011, the diocese of Kadugli was affected very much. The headquarters Office of the Diocese were burned and the guest house along with other diocesan buildings which were destroyed as well. The diocesan staff and priests were scattered, becoming refugees, displaced in to the five neighboring countries; mainly the Republic of South Sudan, Kenya, Egypt, Republic of Sudan and Uganda.  It has been so difficult to bring together the key diocesan leaders, as all our resources were destroyed, we thank God that we were able to mobilize some money for the meeting, to cover the meeting expenses which were mostly on Airfare, accommodation and food.

The meeting under way Because of insecurity and transport it is impossible to bring people to the Diocese of Kadugli. We conducted the meeting in Juba, Republic of South Sudan from 26-30 November 2014. Participants from the five countries named above attended making a total of 30 participants. It was a very moving time as many of us have not seen each other for three and half years, participants were very determined to attend the meeting, especially those that came from the Nuba Mountains in Sudan.  It took these people 21 days to arrive in Juba at the meeting venue. We had a good time in fellowship, praying together and in the meeting we have come up with 21 resolutions and decisions, some are as follows:

  • Korkel Theological Institute is to be supported to continue even if the War is continuing, it has improved as new teachers have joined the teaching staff.
  • New strategies were developed on how to serve in this time of war and how to support our people who are scattered in neighboring countries.
  • Priests where ever they are to support people and give them hope.
  • Training and empowerment for diocesan personnel in different fields.  
  • Supporting Hope primary School in the War zone areas so as to give hope for the children whose family cannot afford to take them to neighboring countries.
  • Participants acknowledged and appreciated the Bringing of Good News in supporting Korkel Theological Institute in Nuba Mountains, training teachers and theological students.
  • The participants appreciated the role of Dave in the Deanery of Bradford on Avon on managing the Diocesan website and Electronic News Letter, these two communication tools are to continue.
  • Those who can write will send topics to the website and newsletter, bishop alone cannot as he has other commitments.
  • One suitable person to be appointed to look after all issues pertaining to the website and newsletter.
  • The churches are growing and the area is so big that there is a need to create another diocese in the name of Hiban Diocese and create Delling as an Area Diocese that will be a full diocese when the time is right in future.
  • Some staff were appointed at the end of the meeting and many other resolutions not included here.

Standing together at the start of the meetingBishop Andudu and Kadugli Diocese would very much like to thank all the people that financially supported us, in particular the Diocese of Salisbury, Episcopal Colorado Foundation in the USA and many others. May the almighty God bless them abundantly. Amen





Some more images from the day and below a slide show of pictures

Standing happily by Juba Cathedral

Giving out robes

The team that lead worship at the opening service

Gifts given by Archbishop Ezekiel