Pray With Us

Please pray for the people in the Nuba Mountains that have had over 200 of their cattle stolen in the night. To these people cows are wealth and a way of life. The impact is very great on people that are very poor. Church owned cows were also taken. which affects the working of the ECS in this area. 


Pray for the children, women, students and all people in the war zone areas of the Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and Darfur.

Pray for those wounded and sick, people in caves facing thirst and hunger,  pray that the Government of Sudan will allow the humanitarian organizations to give aid to the people of South Kordofan and Blue Nile.

Pray for Gods protection in the war zone areas for those facing daily indiscriminate bombardments from the Government of Sudan killing their own People.

Pray for the Kadugli diocesan clergy, deacons, lay readers, Mothers Union workers scattered as refugees and displaced, in the five neighbouring areas. Pray for their daily needs and for for their families.

Pray for Bishop Andudu Adam Elnail diocesan Bishop of Kadugli who faces the challenge of sustaining ministry at this time of War. Pray for his advocacy work as the voice of his people.

Pray for Bishop Andudu’s travel to gather his clergy for a meeting in a different location, planning for new strategies of  ministry and pastoral visits.  Pray for adequate financial support and safe travel for all involved.

Pray for the international community’s efforts as they try to convince the Government of Sudan to allow humanitarian organization to give aid to all the needy people in the war regions.

Pray for efforts to bring the Government of Sudan and all opposition parties to serious negotiations that will bring justice, equality, peace and freedom to all peoples in Sudan.