The Nuba Refugee Community in St Luke's Uganda



Pastor Ibrahim

Many people from the Diocese of Kadugli, and other areas moved to Uganda due to the conflict in the region, they formed the Nuba Congregation. With an increase of the number of the congregation, the Bishop of the Diocese of Mukono in the Church of Uganda, through a local archdeaconry granted the Nuba congregation a hall. This was granted at Mercy school under the administration of St. Luke’s Parish Mukono. The Nuba church in Uganda has existed for one year since it started as a congregation we are given a class room by ST Luke’s church for services, and they pray every Saturday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. We are around 80 members, most of them are mothers and their children whom left their fathers in the Nuba Mountains and are here as refugees.


The Administration:-

The congregation is under the care of Rev. Ibrahim Musa, he is the second pastor to be in charge of the congregation after Rev. Jaleela Ayoub. We also we have committee consisting of 13 members plus the youth committee.  

Mothers union:-

The Mothers of the Nuba congregation in UgandaThe congregation has more than 15 mothers, they have come with their childern seeking stability and education for them, some were studying adult education and others are looking for ways to get support for studies because their families could not afford to pay the fees, rent, medical or food expenses.




The Youth and Sunday school:-

Nuba youth at St Luke's Uganda

The congregation has around 50 youths and 65 children in Sunday School. Most of them are students at different levels, they have activities every Wednesday and Friday like songs, drama, poems creative dances and other creative activities.

We are thinking about having a youth center so that we can promote the abilities and build youths careers and strengthen their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ for a better future. 


                       The Nuba Sunday School of St Luke's Uganda                        


Social activities:-

We recieve guests who share with us the word of God and build relationships with the Muslim Nuba community in the area and  with other people. We invite them to our occassions whenever we have ceremonies in the place where we are prayng. We thank God because he loves us all despite our different religions, but we all pray under one church.



                                  A guest speaker at the Nuba church in Uganda



  • We are facing many challenges more especially financially as we are all refugees. Because all of the church members are refugees they have no source of income so we use only our offertory for our needs which is not actually enough to cater for all the activities of the church.
  • We are in need of instruments like a keyboard and sound system, that is speakers, microphones and other bits to help us in our services and the occasions.
  • Also we pray at the school in the class room on Saturday, because the ST Luke’s church is full throughout Sunday. And when the students are having their classes they make a lot of noise we struggle hearing the preacher most of the time. So we are seeking for a better place where we can have services and our activities.
  • We are looking forward to having small projects for the mothers to help their families especially the fees for both girls education and also boys who are in need of education but do not have school fees and other requirements.
  • We need youth training or camps where during holidays they can gather together and be trained on the word of God and life issues to help them grow and be productive in the community. This is possible if the youth are supported financially where we are able to invite outside speakers who will train the youths.
  • We are in need of Bibles for the whole church in English and Arabic versions because we have a big number of members who do not have them for bible studies and for their daily life.
  • We also need a laptop for keeping all the data or records like new songs, recording’s, communications and others things. 


Any help you can offer the Nuba community in St Luke’s Church Uganda would be gratefully accepted. Please contact the Kadugli Diocesan Secretary, Rev Mahamoud Kalbash -

                                           Worshipping together, the Nuba church in Uganda

The Diocese of Kadugli is grateful for this offer and cooperation. The church there is growing and is led by priests from the Diocese of Kadugli, assisted by the members of the church committee. The church is playing an important role giving hope and encouragement to the people who are very far from their home land.