A Visit to the Nuba Mountains

Delivering medical aid from the Salisbury Diocese Medical Link in the UK
By Rev Mahamoud Kalbash

I thank God for his guidance and protection to us in our mission to Nuba Mountains. It was by His grace that assisted us in all trips and ways throughout till we are back safe. Second thanks goes to our friends and partner the "Deanery of Bradford", trustees members all round for their generous support to Diocese of Kadugli and in particular people in the Nuba mountains. I am very grateful also to our SPLA/ N controlled areas authorities for their support and cooperation in everything we need from them. Not also forgetting my accompanying friends and civil society for their help too in many areas.

The trip was very excellent, fruitful but full of challenges and threats, but in all God was in control he shield us and my company friends and colleagues. In which at last we were able to make our mission successful and accomplished our targeted goal / objective. I suppose to spend at most 3weeks and be back, but because of someone can plan and God has it His own plan and way. The situation is known to everyone in Southern Kordofan state/ Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile and Darfur, fighting still continuing nonstop.

After we arrived at Yida refugee camp in South Sudan where the Nuba people are located we spent only one day. The following day we managed to hire a car to take medicine to the Nuba Mountains; when we reached half distance the car broke down and we have two nights on the road. From there someone took me by motor bike and before we reach Elboram county the fuel ran out and we were to push the motor bike till we reached there after one and half hours walking. There it was hard to get fuel in the market but someone gave us half a litre and it was ran out before we reach where we suppose to stop. Again we have to get someone to go ahead and bring us fuel and a friend who is driving me took someone's bicycle to go and bring us fuel had reached home late in the evening.

After we spent one days rest we were able to meet the county commissioner and we have explained to him our mission of the medicine to his Nuba people. When he listen to us he expressed his gratitude and appreciate our coming from South Sudan to his county during this difficult situation of war and aerial bombardments to civilians in the Nuba Mountains. He welcomed the work of the diocese and the activities we are carrying to believers and non believers in the region. He said the medicine has come at the right time when enemy and Khartoum government attacked people and they are displaced from these areas of Karakaria, Elhibiel, Egafarting and Loba, these all places are in Umdorian county.

         The Medical donation we transported  

Here we received the two kits of medicine to be taken to Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan state. As in my last trip from  April 27 to 2nd June, 2016. After the medicine arrived in Nuba Mts, we did all consultations with the authorities and health plus church personal came to receive these two kits of medicine.


Checking the list of medicines

  1. The number of the patients who benefit so far were six hundred seventy four (674), among them were children as seen in the photos, old women and men alike. This was the first report and the second will follow after I got from Nuba Mountains.
  2. Qualifications for the health personnel are:
  3. Assistant Medical Doctor
  4. Pharmacist
  5. Nurse
  6. Midwife





Assistant medical staff and health working staff, they are checking the validity of the medicine; which is very import to the authority to make sure the medicines are OK. So they found the following cases:

          Checking the medicines  Some broken boxes

 This is procaine penicillin for adult one box was damaged, maybe it is because of loading and un loading.





























































































   Some medicines were expired in date





Here are aspirin tablets which we found that were expired as it is seen in the picture in March 2016.


 People of teh Nuba Mountains




                          Working to make repairs  Repairing the truck







The Commissioner further thanked those who helped Nuba people through the Diocese of Kadugli, and I told him that people who donated these gift of medicine are from Deanery of Bradford and they are working together with the Sudan Medical Link.

After we have concluded our meeting with the commissioner, he directed the health department to handle this issue with us and locate some areas most affected and which need an urgent medical care. We had to schedule a meeting with health personnel who came and we held a meeting. After the meeting they located two centres where people are displaced from because of the recent attacks by the Sudan Government.  Some of the centres had been bombed and destroyed by Sudan soldiers and militias.

1. Health Center in Korchi - Umdorian County:

The building seen below is the former health centre in Korchi, Umdorian County which was bombed in 2011 by the Khartoum government and it is not renovated  but they choose to treat the patients in this place.

           The damaged medical centre

          The damaged medical centre

          The damaged medical centre


Doctors and Pharacists in the Nuba Mountains

The pictures below they were taken during the examinations and giving medicine to the sick people, small children and women and men alike. Many children they lack of malnutrition treatment and the lack of vaccinations in the SPLA/ N controlled areas. In this area the government of Khartoum is always preventing the health organizations to deliver health services to the civilians.



Many people were sick by the following diseases: A person who has come for treatment

  1. Swollen legs (like the boy in the photo)
  2. Snakebite
  3. Skin problems
  4. Rheumatism & Arthritis
  5. Pneumonia
  6. Open sores on legs
  7. Mouth sores Migraine + High Blood Pressure
  8. Miscarriages
  9. Kidney Stones
  10. Heartburn
  11. Colds and Flu
  12. Colic in Babies
  13. Burns
  14. Brucellosis
  15. Allergy
  16. Asthma (child)
  17. Asthma (adult)People coming for Medical aid
  18. Allergy insect bite (child)
  19. Allergy insect bite (adult)
  20. Malaria
  21. ETC.




 A doctor prepares medicines    A health worker in the Nuba Mountains

Patients were getting the medicine in the pharmacy and they were assisted from outside the window. In picture below Isaac Sanaba  is explaining to a lady how to use the drugs she got in order to cure her disease.

 A woman is advised how to take her medicines   Hearing a patients story

A mother comes for aid for her child    A woman receives medical care

Here assistant medical doctor was asking a mother of what is the sickness of her children.

A woman receives medical care    Children come to see a doctor 

A mother with her children    Keeping medical records is important

preparing medicines    Mothers have come for medical care with babies

A mother comes for aid for her child    medical care in the Nuba Mountains

Nuba people have come for medical care    People coming for Medical aid

People of the Nuba Mountains                              The emblem of Kadugli Diocese