Korkel Theological Institute

Korkel Theological Institute


Korkel Theological Institute Report 2013-2014 Academic Year Introduction:

In the last ten years the Korkel Theological Institute in Dabi (Nuba Mountains) have been continuing  serving  the diocese of Kadugli with training church personnel in theology and church ministry, the ministers graduated from the institute proved their merit at the local churches. Thus the diocese of Kadugli decided to run the institute even in this difficult war situation and financial constrains, the diocese was able to provide 60% church ministers from (KTI). To support the big growing churches and prayer centers. 

Academic year 2013-2014

This academic year started on 27th  Oct 2013, it was more successful than previous two years after war started in Nuba Mountains June 2011, that because of the financial support given by Richard Parkins president of AFRCS, and some Sudanese individual friends Australia, the finance   covered full academic year,  through that they were major successful stapes and achievements as follow: 

  •  Three new qualified teachers were appointed to replace the past teachers, so currently the institute has five teachers in total. 
  •  Enough stationeries and teaching materials were provided to that covered the year.
  •  All subjects were covered on time.
  •  Last year debt of the institute was covered.
  •  All teachers and non-teaching staff received their salaries.
  •  Training of student wives for three days was conducted in Health and hygiene additional how to handle challenges that may face clergy wives.  
  •  The feeding supplement covered the year well, class was not interrupted for student to go back to get more food and money like last year. 
  •  Graduation will be in May 2015
  •  New intake exams were completed on April 2nd 2014 for one archdeaconry of Umgurban 
  • Four students passed and other Archdeaconries will send student for next exam in long holidays.


  •  Cart and Donkey for transporting Water to Institute for drinking , cooking and washing.
  •  10 bicycles for the collage foe teachers and student to help them go to churches for their practical work.   
  •  Construction of teachers rooms and dormitories for students with concert materials or providing amount for constricting the buildings with Grass and wood every beginning of the year white Ants eat the grass building every year.   


 The Capacity of the Institute 

List of the teachers:

  1.  Rev. Yusif Ali - Principal
  2.  Rev. Ayoub Abdurahman –  Dean of studies
  3.  Mr. Idris Kalo
  4.  Rev. Alrashid Ayoub
  5.  Rev. Jnub Kajani

List of Students:

  1.  Yagub Yuhanna
  2.  Abdulnakho Alharas
  3.  Fadul  Adam
  4.  Saman Ishac
  5.  Awatif Bashir (famle)
  6.  Yunis Alamin
  7.  Ibrahim Hassan
  8.  Yusif Abdalah
  9.  Mahajub Abdulkarim 

One student could not continue dropped out in the second year for family reasons. 

Some korkel Students

Some of Students of KTI

The student Yagub Yuhana was appointed by principal to handle communication once in awhile the Mobile network is in distance of four hours walking, that is the nearest mobile network area, communication with Liaison Office of Kadugli Diocese in Juba, south Sudan. 

A Teacher's Room

A Teacher's Room

Some Bricks for the Institute

Some Bricks for the Institute

A Table of student expenses for Korkel Theological Institute, Kadugli Diocese

We do appreciate Professor Richard Parkins and all others that stand with us at this time of war to train church ministers for God's Church in the Nuba region.

Rev Yusif Ali Korkel Theological Institute Principal