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Episcopal Hope for the People was formed mainly to provide humanitarian and relief, Education, and Health.

What we do

  • Promoting meaningful involvement and engagement of  grass root people self-help projects in order to promote meaningful development in their areas
  • Empowering  communities and advocate with a strong patient’s voice on relevant aspects of   social , political and economical  areas to influence agendas and policies
  • Promoting patient safety & health literacy for quality improvement in health care service delivery system
  • Providing relief in times of disaster and promotes sustainable development by identifying and addressing the root causes of suffering.
  • Promoting functional literacy education as well as main stream education to people.
  • Promoting gender main streaming in the areas we work in in order to have a balanced society where each one is happy to leave in.
  • Promoting income generating project, micro finance, foster agribusiness to communities.
  • Developing our capacity for sustainability to  deliver on the organisation's mandate

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