An Easter Message from Bishop Andudu

John Chapter 20

Bishop Andudu ElnailThe disciples, where threatened by the arrest and the death of Jesus, they were so afraid and locked themselves in a room in great fear and hopelessness. They thought that this was going to be the end of their faith and the faith of Christians. The women were crying, they could not save Jesus from the hands of the people who had arrested Him, their teacher was killed, they witnessed everything, he died on the cross between two criminals (the bad people the thieves) yet he did not do anything to justify his death or deserve the death he received. But it was all about you and me to be forgiven and saved.

His death was known to the people in the city, it was the bad news of the week, the one who heals, feeds and teaches the people, the one who confronts the evil and the leaders of the community with the truth was killed. Evil seems like it is too strong in that week, death was victorious, and it is the most feared enemy of the human being until it was refitted.

Many of people including disciples and women thought it was over they should find a way of going back to fishing or find any other work, and it would have been the end of the Christian faith.

In the time of fear, frustration and hopelessness of Jesus followers good news was brought by a woman that Jesus was resurrected and is alive. The disciples rushed to the Tomb, it was true the tomb that was empty up to today with Jesus resurrected, once and for all.

The resurrection message brought hope, strength and encouragement to the followers of Jesus and entire Christian nations.

I know that we in the Nuba Mountains and other places in Sudan and South Sudan, are in that bad week similar to the one that the disciples and followers of Jesus had, of frustration, fear and hopelessness.  

In our region a meal for a child or elderly person is a challenge, we live in fear, we don’t know what we are going to eat or give our children in the following day. We don’t know that we are going to be alive in the next day, who is going to die next and how? by a bullet or Air bombardment, or Malaria. Who is going to save me on the next day, where will I sleep tonight after my house is burned or destroyed? How will I  protect myself from scorpions, snakes or mosquitoes in the dark of the Cave in the mountains where most of Nuba currently live?

Those are the frustrations and hopelessness of the bad week, this bad situation is real but Jesus also is real. Brothers and sisters in the Nuba Mountains and elsewhere, may the good news of resurrection bring you hope, encouragement and healing. May the resurrected Lord be real to you, may He be present to each and every one of you.

The bible tells us that the disciples where together with doors locked for fear, Jesus came and stood among them and said “ peace be with you” I believe when he said that all fear, sadness and confusion was replaced by courage, hope, peace and life. We need the same words of Jesus “Peace be with you” in our various situations, families, cities, countries and indeed we will have the peace that the world can not understand, the peace that is not with standards of the world, but the peace of God that passes all understanding. It will change a lot of things and will change many people, this is the peace we need in Sudan and South Sudan. May he bring us peace.

Before his death Jesus forgave those who arrested and planned to kill him, after His resurrection he did not even attempt revenge, instead he carried on with message of peace, the only way to prosper and have peace, is the way of no revenge. Instead show forgiveness and love our neighbours this is what Sudan and South Sudan needs.

Jesus was able to defeat evil, death, hatred, love of power & wealth and all forms of corruption. He is alive and can do the same in your life if you call on him with a sincere heart.  He is the savior, the resurrection and the life.

Followers of Christ where ever you are can you ask in prayer the resurrected Lord to be present and real to people who are in need.

I stand here in the hope of resurrection to ask you to speak more to the world on behalf of those who are weak or helpless and give a helping hand to the needy where ever they are because that is the part of the resurrection hope.

May the risen Lord bring you light and hope.

Happy Easter to you all   - With prayers

Rt. Rev. Andudu Adam Elnail

Bishop of the Diocese of Kadugli.