Background Information

The Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS) was founded in 1899 by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) when they began their work in Omdurman. Christianity came to the Nuba Mountains through the Sudan United Mission (SUM). Starting in the eastern mountains, it then opened centers in Heiban (1920), Abri (1923), Tabanya (1930), Umdurien (1933) and Kauda (1936).

Bishop Buturs Tia Skokai
Late Bishop Buturs Tia Shokai,
first Nubian Bishop

CMS opened centers in Salara "between" 1934-35 by Rev Care. The church in Salara was inaugurated by 1937. Rev Dr. Mcdonald, Dr. Stephen and Nurse Nura opened a center in Katcha in 1939. The church of Katcha was established and opened in 1952 by Rt. Rev. Gilistrop, who was the Bishop of Sudan at that time.

After the independence of the Sudan, in 1956 the Episcopal church of the Sudan grew to reach the eastern areas of the Nuba Mountains by evangelists who were trained by Rev Philip Abass Gabush and the late bishop Buturs Tia Shokai.

The first Nubian Bishop of the diocese of Omdurman, Shokai was consecrated as an assistant bishop in 1971.

White BishopIn 1976 the province of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan was formed by the enthronement of the late Bishop Elinana J. Ngalamu as the first Sudanese Archbishop. Bishop Shokai became full bishop of Omdurman diocese (which is currently the diocese of Khartoum). This diocese covered Northern Sudan and the Nuba Mountains area.



Photo: From left William Idris, Rev Butrus Tia Shokai,
Yusif Abdalah, Yagub Idris (Kojmaly)

Diocese of Kadugli

Bishop Korkel
Late Bishop
Mubarak Khamis



The Province of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan (ECS) was formed in 1976. The Kadugli Diocese is one of the twenty-four dioceses of the provinces of the ECS. the diocese of Kadugli separated from the former diocese of Western Sudan, which encompasses Darfur, Northern Kordofan and Southern Kordofan (Kadugli) areas, it was led by late Bishop Mubarak Khamis Korkel.

Bishop Peter Elbersh
Bishop Peter Elbersh Kowa



The Consecration of Diocese of Kadugli

Diocese of Kadugli was formed and consecrated as a full Diocese in 1997, under the leadership of the former Bishop Peter Elbersh who was enthroned in the same year.

Diocese of Kadugli is located in the Southern Kordofan State (Nuba Mountain Region) central Sudan; it occupies an area of approximately 82,000 km 2 and borders with Khartoum, El-Obied, Wau, Malakal and Renk dioceses with an estimated population of 3.5 million. Most of the people are small-scale subsistent farmers with Christian population coming second after Muslims.

Bishop Andudu
Bishop Andudu Adam Elnail
The current diocesan
Bishop of Kadugli

The Current Bishop of the diocese of Kadugli is Rt. Rev. Andudu Adam Elnail as the second Diocesan Bishop. The diocese has 68 clergy, 33 lay readers, 122 Licensed mothers Union members, and more than 20,000 thousand Episcopalians members.

The diocese Divided into 5 Archdeaconries, 7 deaneries, 22 parishes and 50 sub-Parishes.

Since its establishment the Diocese of Kadugli is working in both spiritual and social ministries (Holistic Ministry).