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We very much look forward to connecting with anyone that would like to help us in our mission to care for all Nuba people and the people of the Diocese of Kadugli where ever they may be. 

Bishop Andudu Elnail:

Bishop Hassan Osman:

Get our new basic info and contact sheet here as a PDF file - handy for any notice board

In the Liaison Office, Juba

Rev Mahamoud Kalbash - Diocesan Secretary: 
                                                                   +211 954 480 266  or  +211 927 075 693

Silvaster Mattar - Treasurer:                   
                                                                   +211 954 475 597

Currently Vacant - Mothers Union Coordinator:
                                                                    +211 955 245 562

Rev Timo Ibrahim - In Kekuma Camp, Kenya:

We look forward to hearing from you !