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Kadugli Diocese Standing Committee Meeting Nov 2014 

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Bishop Andudu ElnailBishop Andudu in the Nuba Mountains


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Welcome to the Diocese of Kadugli in the Nuba Mountains The Geographical Location of the Diocese of Kadugli covers the whole State of South Kordofan.

The Nuba Mountains are the home of an African indigenous integrated population of Cultural diversity and multi religious coexistence. They are inhabited by a number of Nuba ethnic groups (sub-clans) and few Arab (Bagara) nomads coming and going with their cattle. Over 56 different local languages spoken in the region.

A Nuba KingThe Word Nuba derives from ancient Egyptian word Nub which means Gold, the land is full of oil and rich with other natural resources such as uranium, gold, Arabic Gum, which is in fact “Nuba Gum” Agriculture and animal resources. Nuba (Nubians) people in the Nuba Mountains are descendants and offspring of Kush one of the oldest nations in the world, mentioned in the Bible with garden of Eden right at the beginning of creation see in the holy bible, Geneses 2:13 Isaiah18:1, Zephaniah 1:1. and many web sites give an account of Kush and the Nubian people:
see here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nubia .
Nubians ruled Egypt, they were known as black Pharaohs and ruled in 25th Dynasty of Egypt circa 2000 BC.

Down through history in northern Sudan we have many Nubian Kingdoms, Piankhy reigned from 741BC- 712BC. In recent history Nuba Christian Kingdoms in Northern Sudan from 600-1500 AD and many other kings.

My prayers and supplication, goes to the children and Sisters of Nubian Kings in Nuba Mountains and in other places that God will bring them peace, Justice and freedom in the land.

Children of Kings unite, hold on strongly, trust God, the road is rough and the mountain is high to climb. But it is not impossible.

Andudu Adam Elnail
Bishop of the Diocese of Kadugli

Nuba statues found in Sudan


Welcome to the Diocese of the Nuba Mountain People

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